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Why Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an ideal material for windows and doors because it expands and contracts the same as glass, does not degrade, and is a natural insulator. This gives it a great advantage over other materials such as vinyl, wood or aluminum. And because fiberglass is much stronger than most other materials, one material can be used for all climates and coniions.

Fiberglass windows and doors are much more durable than their competitors as well, able to
withstand artic cold and desert heat without compromising structural integrity. As a result,
fiberglass windows and doors last much longer in any climate.

Additionally, it takes much less embodied energy to manufacturer a window out of fiberglass than out of another materials.

Fiberglass windows and doors are also paintable and they qualify for LEED certification.

Fiberglass is the optimum material for commercial applications due to its strength and thermal values.


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