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Custom Door Sills

When creating a door sill for your door products, what are the important factors that come to mind?

Do you value materials that won't erode? Are you looking for a durable composite that won't bend or warp over time? How about eye appeal that is long-lasting?

If these factors are important to you, then fiberglass door sills from OmniGlass SCT are what you need for your requirements. Our sills have been extensively developed and have more than 25 years proven field performance, ensuring that you are being provided with the best composite material on the market. We won't provide you with product that doesn't meet our highest standards of quality.

Our fiberglass door sills include the following features:

  • One piece construction, offering no opportunity for leakage
  • Weat resistance
  • Low expansion and contraction rate
  • Coated or uncoated options available
  • Frost and condensation prevention
  • Corrosion defiance

Decrease your labour costs with OmniGlass SCT.

To learn more about door sills manufactured by OmniGlass SCT, contact us today.


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